About Nancy

Nancy Sandbar RollersNancy has enjoyed performing since she won her first talent contest at age 10.  Her love for playing piano and entertaining an audience is as strong today as ever. Nancy’s drive and talent earned her a Bachelor of Music degree.  In 2000 she arranged and recorded a CD of piano selections titled “Special Passions”.

“I’ve always enjoyed a variety of music: light rock, rock, pop, island/calypso, dance/party music, country, even classical and ragtime. I’ve performed these for many years at private parties, corporate functions, weddings, clubs, and large stage shows.”


Nancy has performed in several bands. She is very talented and remarkably versatile on keyboard and also sings back-up/harmonies.  She and Stan are currently doing regular engagements from the mountains to the coast of NC and the tropics of South Florida.  Some of Nancy’s most memorable experiences are performing and opening for Rare Earth in Florida, playing for Fun Parties, performing at Cheeseburger in Paradise, at resort hotels, and beside fountains and waterfalls.


About Stan

Stan of the Sandbar Rollers

Stan began playing guitar and singing in bands as a teen in Southwest Florida. He played mostly dance music and classic rock.  Stan began playing in bands again in 1986 in the Raleigh area.  In the duo and in bands, Stan sings and plays a tremendous variety of music.

“In early 2003, I teamed up with Nancy as a duo, known as Nancy & Stan.  We started out performing locally and then expanded to other areas. Nancy and I enjoy playing all types of music, including rock, light rock, humorous island songs, show tunes, jazz, and big band selections.”

Stan began playing piano in 1986.  Stan has opened for premiere bands such as The Embers, Edgar Winter, and Rare Earth doing private parties, corporate functions, weddings, clubs, and large stage shows.  His amazing talent on guitars and keyboard, and his delightful sense of humor, add excitement to every show!