Driving the Clef Adventures – Live Music at “Cheeseburger in Paradise”

A couple years ago, Nancy and I were booked to do a Live Music show at “Cheeseburger in Paradise Restaurant and Bar” in Huntersville, NC, right outside of Charlotte.  It was a pretty good ride from Raleigh, and schedule was minimal to say the least.  So, in order to alleviate screw-ups and expedite travel, I used 3 mapping systems.  Nancy and I each had one on our cell-phones, plus I printed one out to take with us – all different systems. So, as electronic stuff is, all 3 were a little different but two were close.  So, that’s what we used.

After a whole lot more driving and turns than I thought necessary, we were nearing our destination and just barely in time…..but remember, these are musicians.  It was winter so it had already turned dark, but we were almost to our destination.  Suddenly there were no lights except a red-light.  Town had gone dark!  I turned left at the light as directed and drove another half mile and stopped as directed.

All I could do was holler to Nancy to hurry up and unload and get ready cause we had one of the largest captive audiences tonight that we’d EVER played for!  I began to laugh insanely, almost demonically too.  Nancy didn’t’ say anything, but her eyes had that “Deer in the Headlights” look.   I flashed my super-duper hand light outside:  we were getting ready to play in one of the largest cemetaries I’d ever seen!  All kinds of beautiful stone work out there….with nuttin’ moving.

Nancy & Stan Music Cheeseburger in Paradise Huntersville NC, Live Music NC, Jimmy Buffett Music, Jimmy Buffett Band

Nancy & Stan Music at Cheeseburger in Paradise Huntersville NC

So, we had to backtrack and ask someone where we were headed and found out the Interstate installation had cut our street off, so we were within a mile of where we were supposed to be but you couldn’t get there directly. That just added another 15 miles or so to the trip!  It was SNAFU as normal, even with the best of plans!

We finally made it to “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, rushed to unload and set up our sound system, and started the show on time, glad that we could keep our record of never starting late.

The “Live” audience was Great, energetic, and sang along with us on many favorite Buffett songs!  The customers, along with colored lights all around the restaurant and tropical decor helped made it an enjoyable experience for us all!

A few of our most popular songs that night were Volcano, “We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About“, “Margaritaville”, and (of course) “Cheeseburger in Paradise”!

“Toes In the Water” – Springtime Music Fun All Year!

This song reminds us of spring & summer, vacations & beaches.  We enjoy singing and playing it all year!  We also enjoy singing and playing Rock songs from the past several decades, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, New Country, Beach/Island/Buffett music, Indie, and more.


8 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Band or Wedding Musicians

Your wedding day will most likely be one of the most precious days of your life, and the musicians/band you hire will play a large role in creating the atmosphere you desire.  Nancy & Stan’s “Sandbar Rollers” Music have provided musical entertainment for numerous weddings.  Through the years we have found that the following information can be critical to having the music you desire at your Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music, Wedding Reception, and Rehearsal Dinner.  We hope our suggestions will be helpful to you. We are honored when we are invited to share this most personal, precious day with you!  We do everything possible to assure that this day is as close to perfect for the bride and groom as you deserve. N S w 18

1.  Wedding Musicians should be professional, provide an enjoyable variety of music, work with you easily, and take pride in pleasing guests with music.  They should know how to play quietly and yet CAN rock-the-house when desired.

2.  Music for Your Wedding:  You probably want to discuss music selections as much in advance of your special day as possible.  Some bands may not even let you see their set list.  Nancy & Stan’s “Sandbar Rollers”WANT to please you with the music we play!  We will even play classical music for your Wedding Processional and Recessional music.  We feel that your input is extremely important.

3.  Budget:  Professional Wedding Band Musicians are experienced in many situations, including handling problems that may come up at last minute.  You will find that professionals charge more for services than amateurs, but most likely “you’ll get what you pay for” and you’ll be much happier with professionals to handle this extremely important and special day for you.

4.  Your musicians should be easy to communicate with, get in touch with, knowledgeable about music and weddings, people who show personal interest in making this “most special day” all that you want it to be.

Sandbar Rollers Live Band, Party Entertainment, Cover Band, Live Music, Live Band, Entertainers, Local Bands, Bands for Hire, Music for Weddings, Party Band5.  Work out details in advance of your big day.  There will be way too many things to keep the bride and groom busy, without having to worry about the band.

6.  Trustworthy, Knowledgeable:  will do what has been discussed prior to wedding day.  If emergencies or surprise situations come up, a professional will be able to handle rough spots much more effectively than an amateur.

7.  Sound System the band uses tremendously affects Quality of Sound that you’ll hear.  Good to be absolutely sure your musicians have the capability to play as quietly as you’d like (ex. during dinner, beginning, prelude music before ceremony ….. to lively, energetic, at the volumes you prefer.  Will the band be sensitive to your preferences, which may be changing, throughout the event?  Most desirable sound:  great musical quality whether music is soft or loud and band that’s sensitive to yours and your guests desires.

8.  The band should dress appropriately for your style of wedding.

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Say What?

You Seriously Wanted a Cover Band?

Folks, after doing music publicly and semi-profesionally for the second section of my life for over 20 years now, I thought I’d surely heard every reason in the world for a gig to be cancelled.   I’ve arrived at gigs and the following are just a few of the reasons  I’ve been told the gig was cancelled;  there wasn’t money to pay us (this has happened a few times actually!),  the place had gone broke and they locked the doors, they had a fight the previous night and the club is now closed due to it being a crime scene investigation, the building inspector shut it down due to termites, the fire inspector shut it down, the health inspector shut it down because no hot water, AND the toilets haven’t worked in ages.

However, the other night I had a new one.  No kiddin.  I figure I’ve knocked all around these United States doing all kinds of things.  In fact, I’ve been all around the country, worked on the Space Shuttle, swam in the Snake River, slept on the Queen Mary and even been to a few Goat Ropings, but I heard a brand new excuse.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we went to a place, which was a really nice place, and they told us they were closed due to a Quarantine.  Can ya imagine!  I did the reasonable thing and said I REALLY didn’t want to be there and wished they’d have called.  But hey…..it is what it is.

Dang!  Every time ya think you’ve heard and done it all.  You just cannot dream up this kinda stuff.  But, at least we weren’t bored.

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Why I Am a Musician & Performer

There has always been something inside me that makes me want to Play the music, “do” it, be “in” the music.  I can’t explain it; maybe it’s a magnetic force, pulling me into the music.  I can’t be satisfied until I’m “doing” it – “making” music.

Playing music, as well as dancing, make me happy and excited, and I am filled with unexplainable passions that only “doing and being in the music” can fulfill.  It seems that many people are satisfied by “listening to” music. But it’s different for me. Maybe that’s why I am a Musician.

Josh Grobin’s words, when he sings “Just Believe” are very powerful:  “Do what your heart is feeling!”  “Believe in yourself and your dreams!”  “Give yourself the wings to fly!”

I like this quote by G.W.F. Hegel: “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”  It is difficult for me to write about or explain this.  Maybe it’s because “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

I love sharing live music with others, whether it is our Duet playing as the live band for party entertainment, playing as a cover band in a public venue, playing music for weddings, doing a Jimmy Buffett tribute show, or playing for a family gathering.  It is very inspiring for me to learn and play music, but the most wonderful part is sharing it with others, sharing the beauty and inspirations with them.

I put my heart into my music.  Therefore when people tell me they are enjoying my music, it means more to me than words can say.  I am accomplishing one of my lifelong dreams.

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Types of Bands for Hire for Your Party or Event

Some of the More Common Types of Bands for Hire  Variety Band:  If you can find a Versatile Variety Band that plays a Generous Amount of the music you’re most interested in., this is often the most desirable situation, because they should be qualified and willing to do some songs of other genres that your guests are interested in.  Live Music Entertainers can make the entire event more Exciting and Enjoyable for everyone! Live Band, Entertainers, Live Music, Bands for Hire, Local Bands, Local Bands for Hire, Halloween Party Music, Cover Band, Party Entertainment, Music for WeddingsCover Band:  mostly or exclusively cover songs, songs written and recorded by other artists, usually well-known songs  Soft Rock Band:  a style of music which uses the techniques of rock music (often combined with elements from folk rock) to compose a softer, more toned-down sound.  Soft rock songs generally tend to focus on themes like love, everyday life and relationships.   Soft Rock music is often easier for a smaller band to provide, since larger bands tend to have too much volume for soft rock songs.  Modern Rock (Alternative) Band:  a broad umbrella term consisting of music that differs from classic rock; used to describe much of the rock music recorded from the 1990s through today Music for Weddings, Live Band, Party Entertainment, Cover Band, Tribute Band, Local Bands for Hire, Halloween Party Music, Local Bands, Bands for Hire, Live Music, EntertainersTribute Bandplays the music of a well-known music act; performers often mimic the songs and style of the artists/band Dance Band:  various styles of “dance” music, which means different things to different people. Classic Rock:  music recorded generally from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, Country Band:  ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies.  String instruments are popular in this genre.  New Country Music is a term used to describe much of the country music recorded from the later 1990s through today.  Much of this music resembles the Soft Rock genre, with it’s softer tones and themes of love, everyday life, and relationships. Things to consider as you consider Bands for Hire, we invite you to check out our Blog titled  “8 Tips on Hiring a Live Band…..”  We hope these tips will be helpful to you as you hire a band for Party Entertainment, Holiday Parties, Music for Weddings, or any occasion. Live Music can add excitement, fun, and/or elegance to any event!  Nancy & Stan’s Sandbar Rollers want to play music you want to hear!  People have a good time when we play!

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8 Tips for Hiring a Live Band for Your Music Entertainment

A  Live Band can add tremendous enjoyment and fun to any party, if chosen wisely.   In addition to the live music, the crowd interaction and personal touch can be especially enjoyable.Sandbar Rollers Live Band, Party Entertainment, Cover Band, Live Music, Live Band, Entertainers, Local Bands, Bands for Hire, Music for Weddings, Party Band

1.  Professionalism pays great dividends.  You will greatly benefit from hiring a band that is professional, easy to work with, and willing to play music that you and your guests will enjoy.  The entire event will go more smoothly if the band provides great quality entertainment.   On the website of a professional band, you should be able to find out much information about them.

2.  Quality of Sound of Music.  It is wise to listen to recordings of live bands being considered.  Most bands have plenty of recordings, available for your listening pleasure, on their website.  The ideal band can play with excellent sound quality at whatever volumes the guests prefer.

3.  Volume Control is Important.  A professional Live Band should know how to play quietly as well as to “Rock the House” when desired.  Some smaller bands are especially good at this.  Everyone can play “loud”, but not every band is able or willing to keep the volume down if necessary.

4.  Special Songs Included.  The band entertainers should be able to include special songs for Christmas, Halloween, New Years’ Eve, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, or whatever the occasion may be.  If the event has a Theme, make sure you discuss this with the party band leader Before the event.  Nancy & Stan’s “Sandbar Rollers” want to please you and your guests!

5.  Sound System.  The sound system used by the live band will tremendously affect Quality of Sound that you’ll hear.  The band and their equipment should also fit into the area you have designated for them, as well as put out a great quality of sound – at any volume level. Live Music, Entertainers, Sandbar Rollers Live Band, Halloween Entertainment, Cover Band, Bands for Hire, Party Entertainment. Tribute Band,

6.  Pricing of a Live Band.  The number of people in a band, their professionalism, and experience will directly affect cost of hiring them.  Checking the pricing of several bands may give you an idea of reasonable rates.  If you can hire a band for “cheap”, you most likely won’t get much quality or professionalism.  Most really good musicians have spent many Years learning their instruments and ALL that is involved in performing, therefore will charge accordingly

7.  Communication and References.  You should be able to communicate easily with the band leader.  Client comments or references (even asking for a few names of people to talk with) are also helpful in making your decision about booking a band.

8.  Band Should Dress Appropriately.  The live band should dress appropriately for the occasion, whether it is formal, casual, or even a costume party.

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Sandbar Rollers Live Music Duo Video

Nancy & Stan Music, Sandbar Rollers Band, Live Band, Cover Band, Music for Weddings, Entertainers, Party Entertainment, Live Music, DJ services …… whatever your music needs are, we take pride in our professionalism, dependability, being easy to work with, and pleasing you and your guests!

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Live Music at Party in Fayetteville NC

We had a great time playing Live Music for the party on Sunday!  Nice people, delicious food, many fun songs.  We played songs from Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, Plain White T’s, Rascal Flatts, Jason Mraz, and Zac Brown Band…….to Bryan Adams, J. Geils Band, Bon Jovi, Queen, Lynard Skynard (kewl name), Jimmy Buffett, the Beatles, Bob Segar, Billy Joel, and James Taylor.

Nancy & Stan Music, Party in Fayetteville NCSandbar Rollers Music, Party  in Fayetteville NC

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Plans for Nancy & Stan’s Party Entertainment

Nancy & Stan / “Sandbar Rollers” Band –  enjoying practicing music for a party this weekend and preparing play list for sets.  Hosts and guests want lots of Jimmy Buffett music, some Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Zac Brown Band, Plain White T’s, Bruno Mars, and more.  We always want our guests to have a good time when we’re playing!  What songs would you like to hear if it were your party?

As a Cover Band, we like to do songs that are popular cover songs, that our guests want to hear!

We’ll spend 30 – 45 minutes packing up and loading equipment, over an hour unloading and setting up, then repeat it all after we finish playing.  It takes a long time, but we enjoy playing music through a professional, high quality sound system.

We have already talked with hostesses of the party and discussed their music preferences.  We love to please people with our music, and to do this we ask what genres, styles, artists they like best.  We want our Party Entertainment to truly entertain our guests and to be the Best it can be!

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