Say What?

You Seriously Wanted a Cover Band?

Folks, after doing music publicly and semi-profesionally for the second section of my life for over 20 years now, I thought I’d surely heard every reason in the world for a gig to be cancelled.   I’ve arrived at gigs and the following are just a few of the reasons  I’ve been told the gig was cancelled;  there wasn’t money to pay us (this has happened a few times actually!),  the place had gone broke and they locked the doors, they had a fight the previous night and the club is now closed due to it being a crime scene investigation, the building inspector shut it down due to termites, the fire inspector shut it down, the health inspector shut it down because no hot water, AND the toilets haven’t worked in ages.

However, the other night I had a new one.  No kiddin.  I figure I’ve knocked all around these United States doing all kinds of things.  In fact, I’ve been all around the country, worked on the Space Shuttle, swam in the Snake River, slept on the Queen Mary and even been to a few Goat Ropings, but I heard a brand new excuse.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we went to a place, which was a really nice place, and they told us they were closed due to a Quarantine.  Can ya imagine!  I did the reasonable thing and said I REALLY didn’t want to be there and wished they’d have called.  But hey… is what it is.

Dang!  Every time ya think you’ve heard and done it all.  You just cannot dream up this kinda stuff.  But, at least we weren’t bored.

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