8 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Band or Wedding Musicians

Your wedding day will most likely be one of the most precious days of your life, and the musicians/band you hire will play a large role in creating the atmosphere you desire.  Nancy & Stan’s “Sandbar Rollers” Music have provided musical entertainment for numerous weddings.  Through the years we have found that the following information can be critical to having the music you desire at your Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music, Wedding Reception, and Rehearsal Dinner.  We hope our suggestions will be helpful to you. We are honored when we are invited to share this most personal, precious day with you!  We do everything possible to assure that this day is as close to perfect for the bride and groom as you deserve. N S w 18

1.  Wedding Musicians should be professional, provide an enjoyable variety of music, work with you easily, and take pride in pleasing guests with music.  They should know how to play quietly and yet CAN rock-the-house when desired.

2.  Music for Your Wedding:  You probably want to discuss music selections as much in advance of your special day as possible.  Some bands may not even let you see their set list.  Nancy & Stan’s “Sandbar Rollers”WANT to please you with the music we play!  We will even play classical music for your Wedding Processional and Recessional music.  We feel that your input is extremely important.

3.  Budget:  Professional Wedding Band Musicians are experienced in many situations, including handling problems that may come up at last minute.  You will find that professionals charge more for services than amateurs, but most likely “you’ll get what you pay for” and you’ll be much happier with professionals to handle this extremely important and special day for you.

4.  Your musicians should be easy to communicate with, get in touch with, knowledgeable about music and weddings, people who show personal interest in making this “most special day” all that you want it to be.

Sandbar Rollers Live Band, Party Entertainment, Cover Band, Live Music, Live Band, Entertainers, Local Bands, Bands for Hire, Music for Weddings, Party Band5.  Work out details in advance of your big day.  There will be way too many things to keep the bride and groom busy, without having to worry about the band.

6.  Trustworthy, Knowledgeable:  will do what has been discussed prior to wedding day.  If emergencies or surprise situations come up, a professional will be able to handle rough spots much more effectively than an amateur.

7.  Sound System the band uses tremendously affects Quality of Sound that you’ll hear.  Good to be absolutely sure your musicians have the capability to play as quietly as you’d like (ex. during dinner, beginning, prelude music before ceremony ….. to lively, energetic, at the volumes you prefer.  Will the band be sensitive to your preferences, which may be changing, throughout the event?  Most desirable sound:  great musical quality whether music is soft or loud and band that’s sensitive to yours and your guests desires.

8.  The band should dress appropriately for your style of wedding.

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